Our Story

Welcome to Lupin Foods Australia.

Our story begins in Western Australia where the south west corner of the state is one of the world’s most productive grain growing regions and where the vast majority of lupins are now produced.

The Mediterranean style climate is absolutely perfect to cultivate this nutrient rich crop.

Lupin Foods Australia, founded in 2012, is a food company focused on sourcing the highest quality lupins to manufacture nutritionally rich, great tasting food.

Lupin Foods Australia is a wholly owned subsidiary of Co-operative Bulk Handling Limited (CBH Group); an organisation owned by the grain growers of Western Australia.

Being a part of the CBH Group means that Lupin Foods Australia has a direct stake in ensuring that the lupins we process are sourced from growers employing the most sustainable farming systems, guaranteeing that only the finest quality lupins go into making our range of super food snacks and meals.

We are an integral part of the chain that delivers enhanced returns to our growers and outstanding value to our customers.


To make a purchase please phone or email us and we will process your purchase promptly.

We are currently endeavouring to make our product available for you online, this service will be available within the next week.

Phone: (08) 9416 1403

Email: sales@lupinfoods.com.au