Lupins for Life –
Sustainable Agriculture

Close to half the human impact on the environment is directly or indirectly related to food production and consumption. This is based on the whole chain from primary production via processing to consumption. The environmental impact of food production and consumption may become critical regarding the foreseeable growth of (i) the world population and (ii) the consumption of livestock-based products.

It is estimated that the amount of plant material necessary to produce a western diet including meat is almost three times the amount necessary to produce an almost vegetarian diet. A large reduction of the environmental impact of present and future food production systems can be realised if one is able to decrease the consumption of meat products considerably.

This is, however, only possible if new protein-rich products, can be developed which appeal to consumers and are competitive in the food market. The most relevant source of proteins is plant material. In this way the inefficient conversion step from plant to animal is avoided.

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